Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas! Celebrate without the penis shaped accessories

You don’t have to put on a glitter-encrusted tiara, or wear a pink sash to celebrate the last of your single days with your best friends! Whether you want something more low-key or are just looking for something that you’ll actually remember, check out these ideas for a great time. No penis shaped cake required!

A Local Brewery Tour

Grab your friends and hop on a brew bus for a safe and fun way to sample some delicious craft brews from your local breweries. Part tour, part tasting event, your tour guide will drive you to several local breweries where you can learn about how they make their beer, and of course, sample their wares! If you’re If you’re in New England, check out the Boston Brew Bus, New Hampshire’s Granite State Growler Tours, or the Maine Brew Bus!

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Relax away the stress of wedding planning with your besties! Indulge in a full day of pampering at a local spa, or bring the spa home with you with a variety of face masks, nail polish and of course some cucumber water!

Slumber Party!

Relive a little bit of childhood joy with a throwback slumber party! Play board games, watch movies, splurge on Pizza and ice cream and prepare for an evening filled with laughter and gossip! Throw in a few stores that you thought your friends forgot, and a bottle of wine and it will be a night to remember for sure!

Trivia Night

Put your smarts to the test at a local pub quiz! Choose a quirky team name, grab a pint and team up for a night filled with fun and a lot of laughs, when no one can think of all the Golden Girls or who what is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Go for a Hike

Nature is a great escape from all of that planning and those DIY projects that still need to be finished! Pick a day hike that suits all the members in your group and set out for a day of adventure! Of course, if you’re really adventurous, plan on a longer hike and add in…


S’mores. Ghost Stories. The crackle of the fire, and all of those stars overhead. Enjoy some peaceful moments with your friends before you tie the knot. And if camping is a little too in-tents for you, rent a cozy cabin in the woods and have the perfect mix or rustic relaxation and modern amenities.

Go See Your Favorite Band

Sing your heart out and have a blast seeing your favorite band perform! You don’t need front row center seats to have an absolute blast dancing and hanging out with each other, jamming the night away. See who’s coming to your town

Take a Burlesque Class

Pole dancing classes just feel a little cliche, so see if there is a burlesque class near you like the Boston Academy of Burlesque Education or the New York School of Burlesque. Learn to shake, shimmy, and sexily remove those long gloves with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of class.

Rock Climbing Gym or Ninja Gym

Push yourself to the limits and try and see who can make it the highest the fastest. A total no pressure activity that would be fun to try with any skill level, after all, there are ropes and safety gear and usually a soft pad for those rough landings. Just be sure not to go the day before the wedding, because you are totally going to feel it the next day!

Try a Spin Class or Yoga Class

So many fitness places have special packages for the bride and her entourage to make getting in shape for the wedding a little more fun ( and sometimes a little less expensive).

Sign Up for a Scavenger Hunt

I can almost guarantee there is a scavenger hunt nearby you right now! It’s like the amazing race, but you don’t have to quit your job or spend the money to travel the world! You’ll be surprised how much fun they are, and how many options you might find in your town!

Try Out an Escape Room

Another one I have been dying to try out! Solve some puzzles, try and escape from a fanatical themed room, it sounds like the thing my friends would love!!! Depending on how many people you have you can split into teams and see who can get out the fastest! I’m thinking one fiancé vs the other!

Take a Mixology Class

Instead of going out and getting plastered, learn how to make your favorite mixed drinks, and a few new ones with a professional! Here’s a few near Boston and New York to get you started on your search!

Enjoy a Nice Meal at a Chefs Table

Dine in the kitchen of a fabulous restaurant with a few of your very best friends! Search your city to see what amazing restaurants offer this one-of-a-kind experience or maybe even an exclusive tasting menu and wine pairing. Check out Boston’s top five chef table experiences. And a few other Kitchen Side seats.

Weekend Getaway

Head to the city for a weekend, jet off to a tropical paradise, rent a cabin by the lake for a few days! Take some time away from the every day to just enjoy the time together, remaining about all those crazy exes and that time in college that you thought everyone had forgotten.

Whatever your choice, be sure to set a budget that works for everyone. You don’t want one friend to feel left out, because she can’t afford to slip away to the Bahamas for the weekend. After all, this is about celebrating your friendships and having a good time together! Have an idea that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments section!

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