A guide to sending postponement announcements due to coronavirus

I sooooo emphasize with how you are feeling and what you are going through right now. Trust me when I say that my friends and fellow vendors in the wedding community are grieving for you and are ready to support you in any way that we can. While we may not have all the answers about the future, we can help you in the now and guide you the best way we know how — this is all new to us too!

I’ve been working with my clients who are postponing their weddings on change of dates and postponement cards, so I created this guide to help you navigate this crazy situation. If you have a question that I haven’t covered, just reach out, I’m always happy to help.

Change the date postponement card for coronavirus

Let your wedding party and family know first

Call up your best friends, and those family members who are an important part of your day to inform them about the change of plans. They’ll be able to mark that new date in their calendar, and you’ll have plenty of sympathetic ears, pep talks and visual hugs to get you though this moment.

Update your wedding website

If you have a new date, take a couple minutes to log on to your wedding website and update your date. If you don’t have a new timeline to share yet, take the date off the website and make a note to check back for updates soon. If you don’t have a wedding website, nows a great time to put one together so you can keep guests informed about any changes as they happen.

Reach out to your stationer

I’ve been creating digital and printed cards for clients to send to their guests that match their invitation suites. Send a quick email to your stationer, to see if they can create a postponement card that you can email or snail mail to your guest list if you need one. If you have all your guests emails, a digital card will work perfectly. If your not sure if you need to send a postponement card, keep reading.

We’ve mailed our invitations already, what do we do?

You should send a postponement card or elopement announcement, depending on what your plans are. Your guests want to celebrate with you, and while they are not nearly as stressed about your wedding as you are (Big Hugs!) they need to know that the party will go on, just at a later date. Let them know as soon as you can, so that they can cancel any travel arrangements they have made. There aren’t any etiquette rules about waiting a certain amount of weeks, or sending too early or too late. As soon as you know that your date is changing, let your guests know.

We’ve haven’t sent our invitations yet, but we did send a save the date.

You should also  send a postponement card or elopement announcement to anyone who received a save the date. If you sent a digital save the date, then by all means send a digital change of date card. If you sent a printed piece, and there is room in your budget, I suggest sending a printed change of date card. If the budget is tight, opt for a postcard.

We haven’t sent our guests an invitation or save the date.

I have great news for you! If you let your close friends, wedding party and family know, by giving them a call, text or email. You are all set! Your entire guest list hasn’t received a formal notice of your wedding so you don’t have to inform them that the date has been changed, because they don’t know the original date. I’m still sending you big hugs!!! This whole situation sucks!

What should we say on our postponement cards?

I love helping my clients with the right wording to match their wedding day style and invitation designs. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Out of love and concern for our friends and family  we have decided to postpone our wedding.  Please save our new date. September 18, 2021

  • We’ve changed our date and can’t wait to celebrate with you. Jen + Matt September 18, 2021

  • Let’s try this again! Jen and Matt are now getting married on September 18, 2021. Hope you can make it!

  • Our plans have changed. It light of the current situation, Matt and Jen decided to postpone their wedding. We are excited to see you (on September 19, 2021)

What if we don’t have a new date set yet

Send your postponement cards as soon as you can. Use one of the wording samples below, and inform your guests to be on the lookout for a new date. If you have a wedding website, you can provide updates there. If you don’t yet have a wedding website, nows the perfect time to put one together!

  • Out of love and concern for our friends and family  we have decided to postpone our wedding.  A new date will be announced on our wedding website as soon as we have more information.

  • The world as at a standstill and so is our wedding. A new date will be announced soon. Visit our wedding website for details.

  • Change of Plans! In light of recent events the wedding of Jen and Matt has been postponed. More details to follow.

We’ve decided to elope instead of postponing.

Love matters now more than ever! If you are eloping and planning on having a celebration later, you can send out an elopement card to let your guests know all the details!

  • We love you! We love each other! We Eloped! We’re planning a celebration soon and will send you the details.

  • We’re Married! Since we can’t celebrate in person, we decided to elope. Celebration details to follow!

  • We still do! Join us on June 6th at six o’clock on June 6th from the comfort of your home. Link to join: www.weddingceremony.com Have a glass ready to toast!

We are hoping we don’t have to postpone, but haven’t sent out invitations yet

There are a few things you can add to your stationery suite to make postponing a little easier should you need to. Add a line on your Reply card to collect your guest’s email addresses and phone numbers. That way if you need to reach out to them quickly, you don’t have to track down contact information. Enclose a separate card with your wedding website and tell guests that the situation is fluid.

  • We are hopeful that we will be able to celebrate with you on August, 8th. However we recognize we may need to postpone to a later date. Please visit  www.ourweddingwebsite.com for updates or email us at jenandmatt@gmail.com with any questions.

When should 2020 couples mail their invitations?

I’m working with my clients to wait to the very last moment for printing and mailing dates. This allows couples to make informed decisions as the date draws nearer. We can work on the design for your late fall and winter 2020 wedding now, and should the date change we can hold off on printing until a later date. Custom invitation design is one part of your wedding planning experience that doesn’t have to be put on hold because of covid-19.

  • I recommend mailing invitations as late as possible in 2020 ( 6-8 weeks before the wedding)

  • Including a rsvp card that also allows for replies by email or the wedding website. That way you can get responses right away rather than waiting for a card to be mailed back to you.

  • Add a line on your reply card so guests can provide an email address or phone number. It will make your life a lot easier should you need to get in contact with everyone quickly.

  • I also recommend including an additional enclosure card letting guests know that you may have to postpone, but details will be noted on your wedding website.

We want to design our invitations, but are worried we will have to postpone.

Your wedding day style will be the same even if you have to wait a few months to have your family and friends with you to celebrate. I work with clients remotely even when we are not in a global pandemic. We can start the design process now, and hold off on printing until closer to your date.

Wedding Invitations for 2021 couples

2021 seems like such a long time from now, but as more couples are postponing until next year, I recommend booking your spot in my design calendar now. If you’re interested in scheduling a virtual consult or getting a quote, click below.

If there is something you are dying to know and I haven’t answered below, just reach out to me! If your a planner with a question about your clients invitations, if your a couple who needs a postponement card, or if you just need a sympathetic ear, I am here for you!


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