How to stay sane while working from home

If you are one of the millions of people suddenly working from home during this global pandemic, let me assure you that your uncertainty, anxiety, and lack of productivity, is understandable and totally normal. The best thing you can do right now is to show yourself, and the people around you a little compassion. Hell, I’ve been working from home for eight years, and even my world has been turned upside down, so I can only imagine what you lovely folks who head to the office every day are going through!

Before this whole pandemic started, people would often look at my daily routine with a hint of envy. ” It must be so nice working for yourself!” or “I wish I could work from home.” I’ll be the first to admit it usually has its upsides, but even now, I miss just running an errand or grabbing lunch anywhere other than my kitchen. I certainly have some tips and tricks that have made working from home enjoyable for me, so I figured now’s a great time to share them with you.

Take a shower

Get out of those Pj’s and start your day the same way you would if you were going to the office. You’ll feel more human when you take care of yourself.

Put on real clothes

No Pj’s, sweats, or yoga pants. You don’t need to wear tights or a suit & tie, but don’t turn into a messy blob either. Go for office casual or whatever makes you feel awesome.

Eat something

I don’t care if you “aren’t a breakfast person”. If you start your day with coffee, do that! Breakfast sandwich gal, learn to make some eggs. You need fuel.

Keep your routine

Start your day at the same time as usual. If you usually read on your commute, make time to do that still. Don’t give up the things that make your day brighter just because you have a 30 second commute from your bedroom to your desk. 

Clean your workspace

If you don’t have a dedicated workspace yet, find one, and make sure it’s not the bedroom. A room with a door is best. Clean a spot for you, and make it your own, add a plant, books or photos. Turn on your webcam. Is  the background filled with heaps of laundry or clutter, clean it up. Don’t let those catty ladies in the office judge you at your next zoom meeting.

Set Boundaries

In our house a closed door means “DO NOT DISTURB”. We try and warn each other when we are on calls, or need time to focus on a task. Headphones also work wonders.

Don’t eat at your desk

Take a lunch break, watch another episode of The Office, sit outside, go for a walk, wherever makes you happy! 

Get up and move.

Find time to get up and move around. Take a dance break, take the dog out, jog in place, or pace around your own house. 

Be kind to yourself, your family and colleagues

Especially if this is new to all of them! Go easy on yourself, bring as much joy as you can into your day, light a candle. listen to music, or a podcast while you’re working, anything that makes this transition a little easier is a good thing. It takes a little practice, but by setting a routine, and taking care of yourself, working from home gets a lot easier.

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